Song of the Moment: Lorde – Tennis Court



Baby be the class clown, I'll be the beauty Queen in tears
It's a new artform, showing people how little we care, yeah.
We're so happy, even when we're smiling out of fear

When I find a song I like, I get the album but usually just end up listening to that one song and maybe two or three songs that follow it. I really liked Lorde’s song Royals and even though I gave Pure Heroine listen I don’t remember Tennis Court. So this is a PSA too, if you like a song on an album, listen to the whole album properly!

The message is still the same as Royals, living in a world that’s pretty plastic and fake while trying to be authentic to oneself. She’s 17 so I am not surprised that this topic is on her mind.. what’s amazing to me is how expressive and non whiny it is.

As weird as the music video, I liked how stripped down it is. Actually, the whole song has this weird muted stripped down feel to it. The backing track sounds like it’s a preset on an electronic keyboard, and I’m really liking it. It feels very organic and chill.


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