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Howdy! After the Week of Television, I realised I watched a lot of TV, and baring the the few shows I watch with boyfriend and subreddits I frequent I don’t really have anywhere to talk about them. Boo.  Maybe this will become a regular feature, maybe not. Let’s see how this goes! Spoilers everywhere, so be warned. Please be nice and don’t spoil things for me in the comments. I watch shows days after they air, be gentle! Also I haven’t read any GoT books, so shhhh.

Game of Thrones
S04E05 "First of His Name"

Holy snackballs. I knew that LittleFinger was both ruthless and cunning. I just didn’t realise that he was pretty much a crazy person.

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In one throwaway comment by Lysa Arryn we find out that 99.9% of everything that’s happened in Westeros has been orchestrated by Littlefinger. He is batshit, seemingly fueled by revenge and a desire to have everyone who looked down on him bowing at his feet. I’ve always felt really sympathetic towards Sansa, but right now I’m really really worried for her.

Hilarious: When Locke appeared on screen today I wondered out loud to boyfriend if he thought he would have a redemption arc. When Hodor/Bran broke his neck I said guess not and burst into giggles.

Hmmm: Dany choses not to go across the Narrow Sea and reclaim her throne. I seriously doubt she’s going to make it across and claim that throne, she’s dilly dallying too much. On one hand, I see her point about being able to keep order in Slaver’s Bay, but like, what are your priorities? Do you want Westeros or not?


Mad Men
S07E04 "The Monolith"
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Do the work Don. The whole episode was just centered around that one phrase.

Don comes back to the office and realises that having him there is just to placate him, they don’t want him back. The arrival of the new computer and Bert’s comment about how Don thought they’d have a crisis and bring him back, make him realise that even though he’s a genius he’s expendable. He took his position for granted, and now he has to claw at it again. I hope that Don really grabs on to this redemption arc, we’ve had too many false starts throughout the show.

OH MY GOD DON NO STOP: Stealing a bottle of vodka (?) from Roger’s Office and then getting wasted in his office.

My feels: Marigold/Margaret telling Roger he’d been a terrible father.

Preview Excite: Yay, more Betty! She’s so sassy.


Once Upon a Time
S03E20 "Kansas"

Where are we now? The Charmings are about to have their baby, (it’s a boy!) so Emma and Regina put up a Light Magic barrier around the hospital room. Instead of sensibly waiting for the WW to come to them and Light Magic fight her again, we see The Savior run after her. Oh my god, in the most stupid twist, David tells Hook (you know the one with the cursed lips) to follow her. As much as I love the CaptainSwan ship, I can’t say that kiss was very satisfying. It seemed very out of place. Emma’s powers vanish (obviously) and Zelena casts the curse. The crew convince Regina that she’s good and she out of nowhere learns to use Light Magic (because plot). In the end, Regina spares her sister, but Rumple kills Zelena and the final frames of the episode seems to show that the curse has been enacted. So what now?

The flashbacks to Oz were pretty cool, and I liked how the writers paralleled everything with what was happening the ‘Real World’. They also showed us that Zelena at her core really was an envious and covetous woman. It wasn’t about Regina getting what she wanted for her life, it wasn’t about justice, she was just.. wicked.

Heartbreaking: Snow White’s baby boy being taken from her arms moments after his birth. She didn’t even get a chance to name him. I think it was all the more painful to watch because of he real life pregnancy. In her condition I can’t imagine it was hard to fake that emotion.

Sad: Rumple lies to Belle. I don’t even know how else I can feel about it but sad.

Happy: Regina’s Redemption Arc! I love it.  She’s had it rough, losing her love, replacing that love with anger and magic and then replacing that with Henry. As much as I loved seeing her being the Evil Witch, I like this new emotionally open Regina! And she’s doing it all without her heart in her body! Amazing.


Made in Chelsea
S07E05 "If your dick's working, your head's working - Rosie"

For a little bit I thought they were going to write Mittens as the new Spencer, but it turns out they’re both just horrible people. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be casual with someone, there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to commit, but you can’t have the best of both worlds guys! You can’t go around shagging other women and then having a stable girlfriend at home it isn’t done. The Sam and Riley drama is so hard to be invested in because none of their relationship was onscreen, and now Riley mentioned that they were dating for less than a month it’s hard to be sympathetic to Sam. Though it is a bit mean of Stevie to take advantage of his friend’s obvious bravado especially as Sam is younger and clearly has no idea how to deal with his emotions yet. Also don’t feel bad for Emma, if I was her I’d buy Stephanie another Prada bag as thanks for dodging such a huge bullet!

Highlight of the Episode: When Stephanie realises that she sold herself for a Prada handbag. Could. Not. Stop. Laughing.

Preview Sadness: It looks like Mittens cheated on Binky again! Unforgivable.

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