Week 15 Recap: Baby steps to Adulthood


Eat Like An Adult

I feel like I’ve become really single minded. That I can only focus on one thing at a time, and luckily for me this week that thing happened to be food! I’m eating better, so much better. I’m finding the motivation to cook.


Recently my back has been hurting a lot more. I took some painkillers and I crashed super hard. I forgot that side effects include pain! Not good Bob! So, I’d stuck to my Physiotherapy, but as the pain lessened so did my commitment to my routine. But! I’ve started to pick it back up again granted I only did the full routine three days of the week, but each day I did revert to the stretches to deal with acute pain. I’m really glad I didn’t throw away the sheets, as referring to them is .. actually quite comforting.

As is my amazing foam roller! Honestly, it’s so amazing. Boyfriend usually helps me crack my back with a big bear hug, in his absence, I have my foam roller! Tramadol is the worst kids.


As a graduate student, this is pretty embarrassing.

Korean Language Practice

I’m actually writing up something about how KDramas have been helping. My topic cards have also been great to keep me on task. I finished Emergency Couple last week, and I’m not sure what to watch next. Suggestions are welcome!

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