Song of the Day: Lorde – Royals

I didn’t think I liked this song, but then I heard Alex’s cover and really got into the drumline. Now relistening to the original it has grown on me. It is such an easy listen, super repetitive and with the catchiest chorus I’ve heard in a whileThe lyrics are really interesting too. They talk about the superficiality of the majority of lyrics in pop songs. Lyrics that sell us the world of excess and being a slave to consumerism. Even knowing how vapid and unreal that world is, as humans we want to belong, we want to aspire and so it isn’t strange that we would want that. But this song talks about how the majority of us never will be royal and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

I like that message.

So now I’m listening to Lorde’s album and I am really enjoying it. She has these amazing harmonies that I cannot get over. Listening to her songs with headphones is just a whole other experience.

If you like me were an unbeliever, listen to Alex’s cover and let me know if it changed your mind.  You can find his cover here: Google Play | Apple iTunes

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