Skin Type, Concerns and Shade


I have combination oily skin, with most of the oil in my t-zone.


My forehead is prone to closed comedones (tiny little bumps). I also have slight discolouration (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) on my cheeks and jaw due to old acne scars.

My skin does not like tea tree oil, niacinamide (Vitamin B) and sodium laureth sulphate (a foaming agent). I found out the hard way by trial and error.

To treat my skin issues, I have a varied routine that I manage by organising products into categories. While I have favourites in the form of my undupeables, large parts of my routine are interchangeable.

Read more about how I manage my skin concerns here.


Due to the acne scars, my jaw area is slightly darker and redder than the rest of my face, which means if I want a natural finish (which is my go to), I have to mix foundation colours, which is annoying.

As everyone uses this as a shade matching reference, I am MAC NW45.
These products are the most true to skin foundations I’ve used:

I’ve also been matched to these products, but I have to be careful as they are slightly lighter and either too neutral or too yellow for my jaw:

For my slightly darker jaw, I mix my foundations with:

  • Estee Lauder 6N1 Truffle