Week 10: Fresh Start


Now I have no job to go to this week, hitting all my goals should be a lot easier to manage right? So much free time and so much to do! I still have a weekly tracker, but that’s all regular boring stuff. Let’s talk about other boring must-do stuff that I hadn’t had time to do!

Organising my room

My room right now is an absolute state. I would show you picture proof but I’m entirely too embarrassed, so just assume the worst. Thankfully, there’s nothing gross here like left over food (I have some standards), but it all is in a state of utter disarray, so that needs some serious seeing to.

By the end of the week, I’d really like there to be nothing on my floor, nothing on my desk and nothing on the tops of my two storage drawers. Everything should be neatly packed away in their homes, if they can’t be found homes they should be thrown away. 

Wardrobe Check

source: http://www.fairytaleafter40.com

I haven’t had a good closet clear out in a while, so I’m not entirely sure what I actually have that fits or should be gotten rid of. 

By the end of the week, I would like to know what gaps I have in my wardrobe and have a donate bag for the still okay clothes I have that I do not currently wear. 

Beauty Audit

Last month I attempted this, but I think I can do a bit better. I’d like to go through my makeup and skincare stashes to see what I actually have. The MAC cushion has been released in the UK and while I have a few base cushions that I love, I want to know if I can actually justify this purchase beyond, ‘omg preeetty’, so an audit there shall be!

By the end of the week, I would like to have updated my skincare spreadsheet, and created a makeup spreadsheet so I know what I currently have in stock and how I currently use them. 


source: http://camilopanda.tumblr.com

My poor poor DSLR, all tucked away in  a cupboard, hasn’t been used for months! And here’s Mr. taking awesome pictures of his life in the countryside and I’m living in one of the most picturesque cities doing nottthinnggg at all. Unacceptable. I started a hashtag #dailyoxford and by jove, I’ll live up to it!

This week also has some exciting things! I’m going to London on Tuesday to see some friends, and I’m going to see a movie (Allegiant) by myself on Thursday. In the middle of the day, like some sort of rebellious rebel! -gasp-

I should be pretty anxious about the future, it’s so uncertain after all, but really I’m just excited to get on with it! 

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