Donna Noble is the best NuWho companion. Disagree? Fight me, spaceman.

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Donna Noble is the best companion.

This post should really be that one sentence so we can all go back to doing other things, but I can see that some of you are shaking your heads and crying out, “But what about Rose! What about Martha!” And to that I respond, lol ok. If any one of you cried out, “What about Clara!“, please exit through the gift shop, there is nothing for you here as Clara is the worst. 

Rory and Amy tie as my second favourite, but this post isn’t about them, it’s about Donna and how absolutely brilliant she is.


This won’t be a post that tries to convince you to my argument, because this post isn’t an opinion piece, this is 24K gold fact and you can’t argue with fact. That’s just science.

There may be unintentional spoilers! 

The perfect companion be to the Doctor should be a friend, a confidant, someone capable, compassionate and intelligent. Donna is all of those things and here are some reasons why Donna is the best. 

She’s not in love with the Doctor.

This alone should be the reason why she’s your favourite. Not sure why this is important? I’ll give you a moment to think back to an episode where a companion was completely gaga over the Doctor and it was really irritating. You can see it in your mind right? Donna has no episodes like this.


Even when other characters assume that they’re a couple, they both make it very clear that there’s none of that going on here spaceman and they carry on being legit awesome. They don’t dwell on it, they don’t flirt, there’s no innuendo only genuine true friendship. They’re like siblings who are the absolute best of friends, who want the best for each other and who would do absolutely anything to keep the other safe.

They complement each other.

She wants to explore but doesn’t know how and he just really needs a friend. Throughout Season 4 you can see the ways in which they help each other grow as people. Although it doesn’t end in the best of ways, you can see that although they aren’t together anymore they’ve grown and become better people through their friendship.

She’s not in love with the Doctor.

This bears repeating.

She doesn’t let him get away with constantly showing off and being smug as it doesn’t really impress her. After two companions that hang on his every word, it is really fun to watch someone travelling with him that doesn’t follow him like a lovesick puppy. 

She calls him out when she thinks he’s wrong in a very direct way and doesn’t do the, “if you loved me Doctor!” pouty thing that other companions have done (Clara, you’re the actual worst). She’s like a big sister, not fully understanding what her genius brother is on about but doing her best to support him however she can.

She is her own person.


While the Doctor is all head-in-the-clouds spaceman banter, Donna is a temp from Chiswick and uses that to help situations to the best of her ability.


She calms him down not by telling him how brilliant he is, but reminding him that she’s there to support him and to lean on her a little. One of the things that really soured me to Martha is that after she properly met the Doctor she kind of just forgot she was a capable woman too, sure she had moments of awesome, but mostly all of that was overshadowed by her unrequited love.


There are episodes where her knowledge of dreary office workings make things obvious to her that the Doctor would have missed alone. Which is great, because even when travelling she still retains her personality, she doesn’t allow herself to be an extension of him. 

Her absolute best episode (that have no story arc spoilers) is Season 4: Episode 8 The Unicorn and the Wasp. I highly recommend that episode (seriously, no future arc spoilers) because it really showcases exactly how their relationship works. Lots of banter, lots of trust and lots of teamwork.

 Now that I’m all caught up, and I’ve been rewatching episodes (thank you based Netflix), all in all I’m 100% for Donna. It’s weird, I wasn’t really a Doctor Who fan before I met Mr. and we started watching Season 7 together. Then I went back and started watching from the beginning and just fell in love with Donna as a character.

She’s how I would like to imagine I would be with in the Tardis. Best mates, traveling the universe, having amazing adventures. That’s the dream right? I wonder if your favourite companion says a lot about how you feel about the Doctor and life in general?


Who knows! She only had one season (while Clara has had almost infinity, ugh) which I feel was an absolute tragedy. I would have happily watched more DoctorDonnaFriend for another season, but all good things must come to an end I guess! Her ending will always break my heart. I don’t want you to go either Donna. The universe will sing songs and never forget you, DoctorDonnaFriend.

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  1. Eule says:

    You should probably know that big finish will launch a bunch of tenth/donna audio books in the coming weeks. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. adoredee says:

      Really? I’m looking forward to that!


  2. Absurdist says:

    I agree with everything you are saying in terms of character, writing, and what not… I hate to be mean to a person, but the actress just gets on my nerves as a person, it was the same thing with her on the office. Now maybe watchability shouldn’t be a factor, but… otherwise yeah, they should write in strong female characters not in love with the doctor; hell yeah.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. adoredee says:

    No, I agree with you. Catherine Tate used to really get on my nerves, I could only handle her show in tiny doses never the whole thing. Which is why it really surprises me that she was my absolute favourite companion.

    The lack of romance storyline really helped her character, but ultimately she brought a lot of other things (thank you good writers) to the show. It wasn’t the Doctor carrying the whole show, being funny saving the day all the time, it was a team effort. Donna brought Donna smarts and the Doctor brought Doctor smarts, together they worked things out. That was some good TV.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absurdist says:

      I’ve never rated companions, but maybe I should try to rewatch her episodes.

      I would btw like to say Catherine may be a wonderful person in life, but its her on screen character.

      But it is probably worth a rewatch. I would like to see more writing in of non-traditional companions.

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  4. Completely agree. Donna was the best companion of NuWho. I’ve been argueing with people about this for years. I wish her and Tennant had done another series together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. adoredee says:

      I would have happily watched one more season, I think there was still more story there! More episodes like the Unicorn and the Wasp would have been brilliant. I guess they really wanted to move on to Matt Smith? I can’t see Donna and that Doctor working out too well.


  5. Madame Elizabeth says:

    I totally agree about Donna! She and Tennant really clicked, I think. Sadly, I disagree about Amy, although I always wanted a just-Rory-companion season. I like Clara, but I think they would do better to have another “I’m a grown-ass woman and I’m not going to take your shit because I have a crush on you” companion.


    1. adoredee says:

      I think I tolerated Amy because of Rory by the end of their run. Which was funny as it started the other way around. I think after the darkness of Tennant it was nice to have fun goofy Smith with Amy and Rory.

      I agree though, more adult friendships for the Doctor, not gooey crushes please!

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  6. Bob Lassiter says:

    Donna was the best nuwho companion.
    However when her competition is that awful, it’s not saying much.


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