I quit my job today.

Well, so that happened.

I didn’t plan to walk into work today knowing that this was my last week, I actually wanted to wait it till the end of the month, but life happens and today was the day. 

Honestly, even though I know this is the right move I am sad to go. I’ve been there for the best part of a year and made so many wonderful memories that the thought of not beeping into work every morning makes my heart a little heavy. I look back at the time I spent working there and I can’t believe how much I’ve grown! Even though I still think of myself as a kid, I am grateful for the managers who showed me that I am an adult who is capable and able to deal with scary grownup things. I remember being handed some projects and being like, “omg, you trust me with this?!” but then being totally fine and utterly crushing it. I am glad that I had such an environment to make mistakes in and to learn from them. 

I now know more about SharePoint than I ever thought I would, OneNote has become my best friend and I don’t hate LAGAN as much as initially did! My vocabulary has changed too, I now talk about, “moving forward”, “unpicking decisions” and speak of things, “in terms of”, all phrases which will never not be hilarious to me. 

It hasn’t all been easy sailing. Due to changes in structure my role was a little all over the place. There were days when no-one knew what I was actually doing or what I should be doing and I felt so lost. I’m thankful for all the people who cheered me up, and helped me find ways to be useful. I now know that no matter what is happening around me, how big or how small each task I can always find a way to do my very best and take pride in my work. 

So now that chapter has closed in my life, and here’s to the next! 

If you want to hire me, check out my portfolio at deeoye.com 🙂

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good news everyone!

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  1. Dee!! I’m sure you’ll smash it at your next role! Proud of you hun and all you’ve learnt x

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    1. adoredee says:

      Thank you! *loud sobs*


  2. A River Lily says:

    Bittersweet times. It’s unfortunate that your role became unclear and confusing over time. :/ From what I’ve seen/experienced, though, sometimes this just owes to your range of abilities and versatility in your field, and people recognizing those things in you. Which is clearly a double-edged sword! Rooting for you as you explore your options and write a new chapter for yourself. You’ll do great things wherever you go. 화이팅!

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    1. adoredee says:

      It was unfortunate, but you’re right it allowed me to be versatile and way more flexible! Thank you for the kind words of encouragement, I’m really excited to see what the future holds!

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