Final Asian Skincare Haul of 2014

Argh! Remember I said I was done hauling for this year? Well, I may have overstated that a little bit. This is the final haul of 2014, actually this is the final haul till I go to Seoul in May 2015. I don’t have anything else to buy, I’m sheet masked up and I have cleansers and toners for days.


This is the culmination of two separate hauls.

Etude House

Two weeks ago, Etude House had an amazing sale on their Global Site that combined three different discounts. First! 50% off Sheet Masks, then Free Shipping over $30 and an additional 15% off if you paid through PayPal. I was lucky, because the day after I put my order in (which came to $25.50) they stopped the PayPal code stacking with the free shipping if your final order didn’t total over $30! So that was pretty cool. I kept my order simple, because I’m on a no-buy beyond restocking. I ordered 25 sheet masks, and some Play 101 Pencils because if I had ordered all sheet masks, it would have gone over the weight limit for free shipping.

Order Placed: 6th November 2014
Order Shipped: 11th November 2014
Order Delivered: 20th November

I actually only received my order on the 21st because I missed the delivery as I was in London picking up the other set of stuff. Gah! The depot is super far away too! The good news is that there were no customs charges, as Etude Marked it as a Gift. They don’t undervalue, so that’s something to be cautious with when shipping.

Here are some lovely sheet masks modelled by my lovely assistant, Hawaiian Sunshine Kitty.


I’d planned to put the sheet masks in this adorable Hello Kitty Mini Fridge I had from my first go round in University. But, I officially have too many sheet masks to fit. There are more masks not pictured. I may just have to keep the masks in the Etude House Box!



I also bought three Play 101 Pencils in, 14, 21 & 49.

EtudePlayFront EtudePlayBack



I’m actually a little surprised at how #14 swatches. I expected it to be more orange than coral. But it’s a nice colour all the same, and I’m interested to seeing how it works when I try to do a makeup look. #21 is so deep red and glossy, it’s a really nice finish, and #49 is such a nice deep brown! It was my safety option, but I think it really might end up being a favourite!

Japanese Skincare Haul

hadalabohaulI also got some Kracie 3D masks that I talked about before, but they aren’t in the picture. Getting a hold of Japanese Skincare in the UK is really hard. So when a lady on Reddit offered to bring some stuff over (at cost), I jumped at the chance. Along with the pack of masks, I ordered two limited edition lotion bottles and a foaming cleanser I was eager to try.


I’m really excited to try the Kiwamizu lotion as it’s supposed to be for more oily skin. I’m not sure what’s happening with my skin but all of a sudden its becoming oily again, so hopefully this does some good!

Once I’ve had a chance to try these, I’ll do a more indepth review, but for now, I’m just super happy it’s all here with no nasty customs or wrong order surprises!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. PicoPrince says:

    My sister loves Hello Kitty too, I think I might have found the perfect x-mas gift for her! I need that mini mini fridge too haha!


    1. adoredee says:

      Hahaha, I am obsessed with Hello Kitty. I have so many Hello Kitty things, it’s crazy. The great thing about Hada Labo is that they do refills, so you can keep the bottles forever~ yay!
      The fridge is so cool! I’m sad that not all my masks fit inside though! Boo.


  2. angelanrenee says:

    Hello Kitty posing with Hada Labo . . . so ridiculously cute. I wish I knew about the special HK versions. I just picked up 2 bottles of the lotion in the regular bottles :\


    1. adoredee says:

      I saw it by chance! They weren’t advertising it much outside of Japan. Actually, the packaging says, “For Sale only in Japan”.
      They have a a bunch of different designs! I wanted them all, but I already had one and a half bottles of the gokujyun lotion, so I couldn’t justify it!


  3. rosamundmw says:

    The hello kitty fridge returns!!! Very envious of it now I see it in action!
    How are you finding the play 101 pencils now you’ve had them for a while?


    1. adoredee says:

      I’m in love with 49 & 21, they’re the perfect pencils! Try as I might, I can’t get 14 to work for me anywhere. On my eyes, it looks weird, on my lips it’s way too chalky, and it’s too light to use as a concealer. -sad face-

      I might throw it up on r/AsianBeautyExchange, but I don’t know if anyone will want it! I wish I got 11 or 36 instead, bah.


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