End of Year Asian Beauty Haul


Whoo! Finally it’s all here, my last big shops from RoseRoseShop & RubyRuby76 for the year mixed in with a few lovely gifts from nice people. It doesn’t look like a lot, but I’m not working right now, so this is a lot for me!


Ordered: 20/08/2014 
Arrived: 02/09/2014

The first packages I got were the sheet masks. RoseRoseShop were doing an offer on Etude Masks, so I bought a three different ‘flavours’. The masks themselves were a lot cheaper than shipping, so I don’t think I’ll be making the purchase again through RoseRoseShop, I find RubyRuby (their eBay shop to be better value). So far, I’m absolutely loving the Pomegranate which has become my new favourite flavour, like the Pearl and absolutely do not love the Snail.  All masks I’ve tried are soaked in a clear serum, this is soaked in a cream. Yuck.



Ordered: 22/09/2014 
Arrived: 08/10/2014

The BB Cushion was sent over by a really kind friend who bought it at a Target. That took only a week to arrive. I’m obsessed with it and the review of it is going up sometime this week, so look out for that.

The AHA serum was sent by a really really kind person on Reddit who had a spare unopened bottle and offered it to me! I’ve been waiting for everything to show up before I started using it. So the grand experiment starts now!

The rest of the products were bought on RubyRuby76’s eBay page using a £5 off eBay voucher. Whooo!


I haven’t used these acne patches yet, a review I read talked about them being hydrocolloid, so I hope they are because they are so cute! Seriously, look at the packaging! I almost want to have white heads so I can use them. I don’t though, because whiteheads suck.


I was really excited to try this lip tint, but it is so tiny. None of the reviews I’d talked about showed just how small it is. For scale, that’s a camera lens cover. I could lose this easily. Boo.


I’ve not tried these yet! But, I absolutely adore Pomegranate sheet masks, so innisfree would have to reaaally screw this up for me to hate it.


Arrgh, this cleanser! I first used it on a wet face, but then I read that I should use it on a dry face and watch it foam up! Such fun, seriously. I talked about the importance of cleansing a while ago, but what I didn’t talk about (largely because I didn’t fully understand it) was the importance of using a cleanser that had a pH of 5.5. I won’t talk about it now as this is just a first look post, but I will absolutely talk about it later as I’m buying the full sized bottle. My poor wallet! 


So much stuff to try! Have you used any of these products? Anything you think I should try out?

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