Sex Tape (2014). The cloud bad. Youporn good.

As always, there are spoilers below.

Yesterday, I watched the movie Sex Tape, and I didn’t hate it.

2014 has been lacking in great movies for me. As a result I’ve lowered the bar, waaaayyy down and decided to watch movies that I normally wouldn’t even consider. Which is a little amusing because I generally love terrible movies.

Why I ignored this movie.

So here we go with Sex Tape. I don’t find Cameron Diaz that charming, and as much as I love Jason Segal he’s very samey in every movie I’ve seen him in. Plus, the premise seems so stupid.

What I liked.

Guess what? I was right! I still don’t like her any more than I did before watching, and he did play the same character in this movie as he has in every movie. However, I could totally relate with the movie’s central theme of never forgetting what makes you, you. That even though you might become a parent, blogger, music industry insider or a CEO you should never let that title dominate your personality, if that’s not all you want to be.

You should always remind yourself, that you’re other things too. That even though that title might be your priority, you should also remember to nurture other aspects of yourself.

That’s what I took away from the movie. It was surprising, despite my earlier reservations, I found myself laughing out loud. There were so many cute and funny parts to this movie, and very few of them had anything directly to do with the sex tape. That seemed more like a vehicle to tell a much bigger and funnier story.

What I didn’t like.

Ultimately, the plot is flimsy. But it’s flimsy in a way that those who are older and constantly baffled by technology would understand. Seriously, someone explain to me, what is Snapchat? It seems obvious, if you can remotely add, why not remotely wipe? Even those who would know this, in moments of panic do silly things.

Would I watch this movie again? Absolutely not. Nor would I recommend this to my mother, or watch this with anyone. This is a painting your nails and watch movie. Something to watch when you’re interested in fluff.


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