The Laneige BB Cushion Puff appears to be antibacterial!


After I posted my review of Laneige’s BB Cushion in r/AsianBeauty, I got a lot of comments telling me I really should try the puff applicator it comes with because that’s the way of applying the product. My reservations about using the puff came from their claim that it was antibacterial. Companies claim all sorts of things and most of the time they play fast and loose with the truth, so I really struggled with taking their claim at face value. But! I was determined to do some digging.

credit to /u/lacqueratorie

Armed with only the name ‘RubyCell’, I asked Boyfriend who is super smart and master of all materials (that’s his major) and he found some information about the company. The puff is made from a microporous polymer that seems to be made using techniques usually used for ceramics. It’s made by the Japanese company Toyopolymer Co., Ltd who have three different kinds of Rubycell material. If Laneige is using the “RUBYCELL Roll Ag+” version which is the polymer treated with silver ions, then it really is antibacterial! Whooooo~! I imagine for them to be so confident in their claim, they must be.

The posters in r/AsianBeauty were right, the cushion it comes with really is the way to apply the product!

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