Artist Spotlight: Mamamoo (마마무)


Mamamoo are my 2014 favourite female rookie group. All the hope and support I had for Lip Service has transferred to Mamamoo, because they have this fun, quirky, can actually sing concept that I’m falling in love with.  The first time I heard of them was with this song. Actually, if it wasn’t for Bumkey I wouldn’t have paid attention to them. But I love how soulful this song is.

I was anxiously waiting for their actual debut and they didn’t disappoint at all with the track Mr. Ambiguous.  But what actually blew me away were their debut stages.

They. Killed. It. Seriously, listen to the MV then listen to the live stage, … those vocals on the live stage are actually live. Somehow the song sounds better live? I can’t even. They have such amazing stage presences, confident, hitting every beat, singing live? I’m so impressed by them.


Their first mini album is really really good, and I strongly recommend you go have a listen on youtube.

The album is also available for purchase via Apple iTunes.


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