Mini UK Skincare Haul.


I had a bunch of errands to do today, so I decided to check out what skincare goodies I could pick up at the local pharmacies.

Poundland: I found these Hydrocolloid plasters that were the perfect size at super affordable prices. I only bought the red pack as my whiteheads are quite small.

Boswells: They have a buy two Vichy products get a free sample set promotion going on till August. So I bought the two cheapest things, a lip balm for £3.25 so I could get the sample set. Super looking forward to playing with the new products once I’ve tamed my skin.

Boots: I was just returning an unopened pack of Nip+Fab glycolic pads because reasons.

While the Nip+Fab pads are an amazing AHA they are only an introduction AHA. After patch testing them every other night for a week I upped usage to morning and night as per the instructions. Then I realised my skin was being over exfoliated. Clear, but my pores looked huge and the solution the pads are soaked in is really thick so my skin felt a really oily and heavy once I put on my sunscreen. I felt stuck because I couldn’t put it on in the morning and as my skin was unhappy at that much level of exfoliation, but at night alone wasn’t enough.

Because I didn’t have the reciept I couldn’t get a refund, so I bought the Avene Cleanance K as my AHA, and I had money left over so I thought I’d try the L’oreal cleansing oil. So far so good, my skin feels amazing!

Bonus! Muji skincare accessories that I bought earlier this week in London.


I wanted to start writing about skincare more when my skin cleared up. However, I realise that skincare is a process and I won’t ever have simply flawless skin with one routine forever and ever. So, I’m excited to bring you along on this journey with me.

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