All aboard the f(x) hype train!

Even though f(x) have been around a long time, they still feel like a project group to me. SM tries out lots of really weird concepts that they might not use for their more ‘safe’ groups like SNSD. Yet, through all their weirdness and musical experimentation they still manage to make it their own. No matter what they try it sounds distinctly f(x)-y. They have a place in my kpop heart because I was lucky to be at one of their broadcast stages for their debut single.


Anyway, on to this new song.

It’s weird right? Super weird. Like, almost three songs in one, in the same way IGAB by SNSD was in 2013. I do not like the bridge, but everything else sounds really good. I like how there’s this meaness to the song that then turns into this electro-get-hyped-ness. But ultimately, I’m not impressed with how there are clearly three separate sections to this song.

They all look amazing. I’m impressed with Amber’s styling, she looks pretty but still maintains her signature style. Victoria is my bias and she’s not as front and center as I would like (bias problems), but they all look great.

The live stage really shows off the choreography, and as it’s f(x) was there any doubt it was going to be interesting and flawless? No, there wasn’t. But can we take a moment to talk about how amazing a track Milk is?

I’m really looking forward to listening to the full album. Pink Tape was amazing, they set the bar really high for themselves!

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