「EXOstensial Krisis」 – Before the drama

source: http://se-hun.com/

Well, I wrote this post a few days ago to celebrate the fan effort to keep hype alive for Overdose. Now, EXO are dealing with a lawsuit from Kris, and understandably fans are angry, upset and most of all confused. There’s a lot of misinformation and fandom drama happening right now (EXOTICS vs Galaxies? come on guys) but I’d rather remember when the fandom was more sane than it is now.

Overdose is probably my most anticipated album so far this year that has yet to disappoint me in anyway. I was excited for Crayon Pop’s new song, but the video dissapointed me, 2NE1 was a massive let down and as awesome as the Queens of Kpop were with Mr. Mr. the video plagued with problems as it may have been, was a bit of a disappointment.

The fan reactions to kpop releases always make me happy! They get creative with dance covers, video recreations and vocal covers that I don’t really see with any other genre. So here are a few of my favourite fan covers!

Favourite Video Cover.

They manage to get the same zoom camera action going on a much tighter budget. Neato!

Favourite Dance Cover.

I’m sure St.319 and Millenium Boy are working on some awesome dance covers that are expertly shot, but this one simply blew my mind because they managed to get it competition ready within days of the dance practice video being leaked. Days to learn it for a competition? And they have such presence? Amazing!

Favourite English Interpretation.

Chad gets a lot of hate, but I think this was one of his best works. The lyrics make sense and flow with the original. I don’t normally like or listen to vocal covers, but I really like this one.

Favourite Korean Language Acoustic Cover

Who knew this song would be so awesome stripped down?! I had no idea, it’s so like the original in that it’s a little bouncy, but so smooth as well. The video is also pretty adorable too, and there’s a download link!

Favourite Chinese Language Acoustic Cover

Even though I mostly listened to the Korean version, this acoustic cover of the Chinese version is pretty awesome too!


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