Monday Night Television 12052014

As always, spoilers everywhere!

So if you haven’t watched this week’s Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Once Upon a Time or Made in Chelsea be warned!

Game of Thrones
S04E06 "The Laws of Gods and Men"

This episode was stolen by Tyrion. Do you see this face? A farcical trial he could deal with, but betrayal? By the one person he loved? You went too far Cercei. I still have no idea how this is going to end for him, will he live? Be pardoned? No clue! It was nice to see his brother Jaime stick his neck out to protect his brother. I’ve always liked how they interact, and you could see how much brotherly love was between them this episode. 

I really enjoyed how all through the trial Margery, Loras and Oberyn’s facial expressions were just like, “This whole thing is one some other level of stupid and it’s embarrassing how horrible they are to this guy..”

Dany: Ugh, whatever I don’t care. Everytime she’s on screen attempting to do something ‘Queenly’ I realise that she has absolutely no idea what she’s doing, she think she does and just ignores her advisors.

Ser Davos: He was the second best character this episode, convincing the Iron Bank of Braavos to back Stannis, even though Stannis is a big cry baby who sulks when he doesn’t get what he wants.

No Stark children this episode!


Mad Men 
S07E05 "The Runaways"

Jesus, can we just talk about Ginsberg for a moment? Even though they’ve been foreshadowing that, it was such a shock to see him snap like that. It was really scary, and I think every show watcher felt it in the way Peggy portrayed it. Devastating. I am really disappointed with Megan, she’s acting really desperate and needy when I really can’t see why she should be. Don so far has been faithful to her, he clearly loves her, granted he’s going through some stuff right now but he’s still devoted to her. The way she just pushed Stephanie out and then initiated a threesome with her friend was very awkward and won’t make her happy. This feels like Roger and Jane all over again.

Betty: That talk with her friend a few episodes back made her realise how much of a marionette doll she is and has been her whole life. It was nice to see her finally stand up for herself and remind Henry and the viewers that she is actually really capable. She’s just never let herself be more than a prop.

Sally: Just doesn’t give an damn huh? With impunity she just tells her mother how she feels about her and just walks away. Man, brave.


Once Upon a Time
S03E21 "Snow Drifts" 
S03E22 "There's No Place Like Home"

Flawless, everything about this two hour finale was flawless. Not only did every single ship come in, but they all came in, in a way that is so realistic, true to their character and believeable. 

All the while, even though I knew Emma needed to stay in Storybrooke, I totally understood why she didn’t want to. After all that time she still felt like she was an outsider. She was of magic, but not really a part of the  magical world. Henry was so quick to accept because he still had his childlike wonder, Emma as an adult found it hard to accept that she was part of it. The journey to the past to make sure her parents met was a little cheesy, but it made sense for her character to really feel connected. She’d never really spent any time in the Enchanted Forest as it was, and the limited time she was there was spent finding her way home. The Back to the Future references were hilarious, all the flashbacks were incredibly relevant, ahhh, it was so good.

I felt her heartbreak at her mother not recognising her, and having that be the catalyst for her to accept her history was really well done. Also, seeing her be a Princess was pretty rad.

found at:

CaptainSwan, my most favourite ship has left the port and is out on the open seas, at last! Even though they’ve been hinting at this for a while, their inevitable pairing was so satisfying, and natural. Hook has been her rock, even when she didn’t realise it. I’m glad she let herself finally be open love. Ermagad.

RumbelleI’ll be honest, Belle’s wedding vows were probably the most moved I’ve been for a while. Goddamn, I don’t care how cheesy it was! The part about the chipped cup made me d’aww audibly. Though, Rumple the dagger thing is going to come and bite you in the ass, as will the tape editing. But at least we know that Zelena was for serious afraid to die, though I still don’t understand the magic pendant thing.

OutlawQueen‘s ending probably was the most heartbreaking. Godamnit the Charmings are forever trying to ruin Regina’s life. I’m sure Maid Marion is going to die in some way or it’ll turn out that there are other people with Robin’s tattoo. Is it bad that I know Marion is an innocent I want her to die because I just bought a new lacquer for my OutlawQueen ship? It will be really cross if the writers make it the other option because they spent so long building up Robin and Regina! GARG, come on.

New Villain? I am such a Frozen fangirl, but I’d much rather they didn’t just rehash the movie. I have a feeling that they might go with the original Snow Queen story, but with Emma and Hook. That would be really interesting to watch.

That this is a season finale is painful. I’m in a glass cage of emotion!


Made in Chelsea

 This is exactly how I and I imagine everyone who watched this episode felt towards Binky. I can’t blame her, I mean I understand doing stupid things for love, but just.. argh. Her mother was right! Really. He doesn’t seem remorseful, he’s just a terrible person. For shame!

Lucy and Louise drama? I have to admit I laughed a little because it’s just so petty and not a real issue. If anything, Louise is just bitter and meddling.

Stephanie: Is she still around? What, why? Trying to get more Prada bags from Spencer heh?

Sam: Ugh. I’ve never liked his character, he needs to go away. Riley & Stevie is weird, but you acted like a big man, so like, deal with the consequences you muppet.



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