Week 13 Recap: The Great Sadness

Sometimes I feel sad, like really sad and I’m not sure why I feel so awful. When that happens I usually make lists of things I need to do and check something off the list to feel a little bit more in control and less sad. Some days I can’t even do that, and I find myself unable to see any kind of happiness. I can’t even go through the motions of persevering. I just feel sad, numb and overwhelmed.

The last two weeks I can only describe as the Great Sadness. There were days when I could not get out of bed till late evening, and finding meaning for the day felt pointless. The Great Sadness is no fun, and as quickly as it comes it can just disappear. There is no reason, and its hard to explain to those I’ve let down. “I’m sorry, I was just really really sad” doesn’t seem to be enough.

Despite all of that, I had a wonderful birthday, and spent a nice weekend with friends who were lovely.

So last week’s tracker!





I really need to get it together. I keep saying that I need to, but now it’s crunch time with deadlines due soon, and group work due soon so I need to move it along.

Seven Hours of Sleep

I’m sleeping like a baby. Maybe it’s time to change this?

Korean Language Practice

I’ve started watching Korean Dramas (tv shows) again, and I’m finding that once I’ve watched an episode or two, when I’m studying a language I feel so empowered. I say the words with the characters, I follow along with that they’re saying and linked with the TOPIC cards I’ve made I think this is the most effective study method I’ve found! It makes typing messages to friends in Korean a lot more fun too, because I feel so much more confident!

Write Something

This is actually becoming hard, I guess because I was so sad I doubted myself. Next week, I have a theme. This time I hope to stick to it!


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  1. csaur13 says:

    The great sadness has swallowed me up in the last couple of weeks 😦 I think it’s the time of year when winter just isn’t *quite* over, and school/uni/work just gets super stressful with deadlines. It’ll all get better soon though, promise! 😀


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