Song of the Moment: Orange Caramel – Catallena

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When I first heard about Orange Caramel, I was seriously creeped out. Aing~ was such a cute song, and I felt like it was totally pandering to the guys. The guy I was seeing at the time totally went for that aegyo ultra cute style so I was doubly uninterested by them. Then I heard Lipstick and I became a believer. Lipstick is one of the few kpop songs that my current boyfriend (and other non kpop friends) not only not mind listening to, but recognise the name of it.

I’m always a last minute purchaser of hype train tickets, but I’m really glad to be on this train. They make fun music, and look like they are having fun doing it. As much as I like well choreographed and slick stages, no-one wants to see their favourite idols look like they’re about to pass out on stage or are totally disinterested in their performance.

But yes, this song! Isn’t the concept totally mental? I interpreted it as the mermaids/fish are totally envious of the octopus and her worth and they end up devaluing themselves to get the attention she does but it doesn’t work. In the end they realise that they were beautiful creatures in their own way.  Even if that isn’t correct, it is still visually a beautiful concept. Really well done, and even though for the most part its an MV in a box, there’s still some attempt at a story, and interesting choreography.

Also, I want all of their hair pieces, because they are just so cute. ermagah!

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