Week 10 Recap: Sunshine Town.

I took the weekend off and it was glorious. I’m not one who’s quick to jump to diagnosis, but I strongly believe that I’m someone that suffers from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), every winter I start to feel really low and demotivated. The sun was in full force this weekend and I can’t remember a time this winter where I’ve felt so happy. We didn’t really do a lot, we wandered around the center of Oxford, visited two museums (click the big Flickr circle for pictures) and we ate huge meals. Hmmmm, fried food!

08032014 London with Agro

We went to see the Lego movie which was pretty awesome! Hahaha! I can’t wait to talk more about that later this week. This week’s theme is Movies in honour of my blogger friend TodayIWatchedAMovie as his birthday is in March too! I’m really glad to be doing theme weeks, they help me decide what to talk about, and actually commit to writing something.

So last week’s goals!

Sleep Seven Hours

Again, I’m probably going to stick to the same goals, what’s great is that now I’m getting enough sleep (whoooo!).

Finish Language Tasks

I just need to be a bit more realistic with my Language Goals. That I studied three days last week was a real achievement for me, especially as I spent over three hours working on Wednesday. So even though I don’t have stickers every day, I’m still pretty proud of it. I’m steadily building up my language aquiqisition.The one thing I can do to ensure that I do something every day is do the Pimsleur audio classes.

Write a Blog Post

Having a Theme really helps with this!


It’s a steady grind, but I think what will help is having a study timeline! :3 it just means I can play with more colours.

So far so good, I don’t think I’ll change any of these till I’m consistently doing them, after all it takes about 28 days to form a habit right? If I can get these into my routine and form a solid habit, I think I’ll be on the right track for self improvement 🙂

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