Song of the Moment: Orange Caramel – Copycat

All Hail Orange Caramel!

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This group are the most consistent group in K-Pop right now, hands down. They have a concept that they fully embrace and every single they release is hit after hit after hit. It really saddens me that they haven’t received a single #1 position, even though they consistently slay musically and entertainment wise. I think their releases keep coinciding with bigger groups which a larger fan bases so they get overshadowed.

For a subunit, they’ve really come together to be their own amazing standalone power group, I really hope Pledis doesn’t fold them back into AfterSchool permanently, and just graduates them out so they can focus on giving the world me more awesome pop goodness. In AfterSchool they’re just another pretty face, but in Orange Caramel they really shine.

Copycat isn’t as musically strong a song as Catallena, but it is still very fun and easy to listen to. I thought they couldn’t find a better concept than sushi, but all glory be to Orange Caramel, I was wrong. This is a music video that you will be compelled to watch over and over again just like you would read. ‘Where’s Wally‘ books or go over spot the difference pictures, to find where they are and what the differences are.

I enjoy this group so much because it is obvious that a lot of care and planning has gone into their concepts. They have planning managers who think things through. It’s never just a, “okay, you’re hot and sexy and standing by a car, go!” type of concept. They go hard, sets, costumes, cinematography, all come together to fit the overall theme. I find them fresh, engaging, interesting and a whole load of fun. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go play this song fifty more times before lunch.

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