Week of Television: Is this real life?

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I’ll be honest, all these shows are pretty bad. Not bad like yesterday’s post when I wondered why they were still on the air. These shows are bad from their inception. They’re the bad TV that people judge you for, that if I’m being honest I judge me for. But there’s something about beautiful people doing scripted things that’s supposed to appear natural that I apparently can’t get enough of. So here we go, my top three guilty pleasure television shows!

Real Housewives of Atlanta

credit to: Bravo
credit to: Bravo

This show should make me sad because it’s a bunch of black people doing ignorant things, getting into fights and being stupid on television for the world to see, for money. However, the main reason I watch the show is because all the women aren’t caricatures. They’re real black, who have petty (albeit scripted) arguments, who try to remain friends and look fabulous. I’m not in any way saying that RHoA is should be used as any kind of educational material, but it’s nice to see a varied range of black women, who are confident, allowed to be weak, allowed to be strong, allowed to be vulnerable and to feel all kinds of emotions on their terms on television.

The drama is so serious, everytime I watch it I be like

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Also, their styling though, I love it.

Made in Chelsea

tweeted by: Rosie Fortescue
tweeted by: Rosie Fortescue

I started watching this as a nostalgia hit of all the kids I went to school with before university. I flunked my A levels and I transferred to a university tutorial college that was full of international, and wealthy rich kids. I think I watch it because while they are terrible terrible people that have non problems and that’s fun to watch, it’s also nice to watch a television show where I understand the references. Plus, I absolutely love the fandom, so much. Every week watching, and tweeting along, then talking to my friends who also watch it Is such a blast.

found on: http://thinassbitches.tumblr.com

Plus, Spencer is a twat, Lucy and Jamie will never work and Phoebe is a snake.


 Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Photo by: Brian Bowen Smith/E!
Photo by: Brian Bowen Smith/E!

I watch because I truly respect the family. I watched their E! special, and it shared a lot of things about them that I didn’t really know about. I had no idea that they were independently wealthy. I had no idea that the whole thing started after Kim’s sex tape was released as a way to turn her infamy into something productive than destructive. They’ve turned something that should be shameful into a huge family business, multiple spin off shows, clothing lines, jewellery, and all this time they’ve managed to remain a close and supportive family unit.

I think that’s what really appeals to me the most. It’s easy to think of those people who are crazy rich as objects, but the show is them playing pranks on each other, farting on each other, having normal family arguments and yes buying crazy gifts. But they seem to love each other, which I think is pretty cool.

I have more guilty pleasure shows, but a woman has to keep some air of mystery. I can’t have people knowing that I still watch The Big Bang Theory and still laugh sometimes, even though I know it’s bad. Woah. Pretend you didn’t read that. How about that sports team huh?


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