Week of Television: Why am I still watching?

Look out below! There be spoilers everywhere!

Hai. So, no post yesterday because I came home and promptly collapsed in bed because yesterday felt like the longest day of my life. So much work, so much studying. One more class then I can sleep the weekend away! But, on to today! This TV entry is all about shows that I watch, but I desperately want them to end, because its sad.


credit: MTV

The plot revolves around the main character Jenna who in the first season receives an unsigned letter that is a harsh criticism of herself, shortly after receiving the letter through a series of mishaps it looks like she tried to kill herself. The first season focuses on her taking the advice of the letter, trying to find out who wrote it while trying to make sense of her new path in life and her blossoming love life (hello love triangle).  She eventually finds out who wrote it, and struggles to come to terms with that that now means in her life.

That part of the show was really well done, and had they ended it there, things would have been great. Then, the series kind of falls apart. We’re treated to this bizarre alternate version of Jenna, but as this is a PG-13 show on MTV. On one hand it was great that her friends and family called her out on her bad behaviour and it was great that she snapped out of it, but as serious as they tried to make it, it came across as shallow. Even though the themes involved were pretty heavy, infidelity, drug use, open relationships, it was almost cartoony. Now the show just feels weird to watch.  It’s no longer the semi believable but ultimately goofy piece of television.  All the characters started being things that were totally out of character like, Ming being the head of the Asian Mafia, Tamara being a cheerleader, what. Now it’s left to wonder where Jenna can go from here, but now that the show creator has stepped down I can’t say I have much confidence for Season 4.

found on: http://lidiamartin.tumblr.com/

The reason I’m still watching? #TEAMMATTY


credit: HBO
credit: HBO

Seasons one and two were phenomenal, I felt connected with the characters, they managed to get a few really good storylines and there seemed to be a sense of closure. But Season three seems like they really just wanted to continue, and somehow have managed to make every single character unlikeable. Before they were sympathetic, now they’re just annoying, whiney and unfun to be around. I wouldn’t be friends with these people anymore and I think that’s what makes it hard for me to keep watching.

Oh my GOD HANNAH. What started out as a hilarious critique of the entitlement of my generation has turned into a self-congratulatory circle jerk. I am utterly thrilled that Lena is comfortable with her body and I’m actually pretty glad to see so much of it on television. It’s rare that we’re shown a female body that doesn’t conform to the industry beauty hype that is not played for laughs. BUT, I think it’s gotten to the point in Season 3 that it’s become apparent that she just likes being naked. There is absolutely no reason for her to be in a bikini for the majority of the episode while other characters wear clothes. Like, is this how the show plans to remain relevant?

The reason I’m still watching is because I remember this scene from Season One

found at: http://restlessrelease.tumblr.com/

and this scene from Season Three gives me hope

found on: http://c-mines.tumblr.com


Cougar Town

credit: TBS
credit: TBS

Lori and Travis are together, we know that Ellie isn’t really that heartless and she loves her family deeply, Bobby clearly will never change, Joules is happily married, even next door neighbour man is included in the storylines now. All the possible lines of tension have been resolved and they’re all happy. There is nothing to talk about! They should end it gracefully, because the latest episodes are really boring.


There are shows I wanted to add to this list, but a few episodes give me hope that they could still pull it together, like Archer and New Girl. Other shows I watch but skip through to get a summary of the plot, like Glee. I really think they should have ended Glee when they all graduated. The new cast lack charisma, and the New York storyline is really really stupid. Oh well, I guess it’s profitable for them so they do it!

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  1. I tried watching the new series of Awkward but I really couldn’t. There was something I enjoyed about the first one in that it was kind of a feel good show in a strange way, or a switch off and watch show. I agree that the newest season the characters just feel… Awful, selfish. You can’t really sympathise with Jenna anymore. I’ve not seen Girls but may watch the first two seasons on your recommendation!


    1. adoredee says:

      I couldn’t sympathise with Jenna at all, it was hard to watc!. Girls is great, let me know how you like it!


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