Where in the world is Miles Morales?

credit: Marvel
credit: Marvel

While cleaning out some old programs, I noticed Comic Rack, and I realised I hadn’t read an Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man book in a while. I checked the wikipedia page with glee, assuming I would have a backlog to catch up on, but it turns out the series was cancelled.

-insert sadness here-

Clearly I’m not a big follower of the overarching Ultimate storyline, but the universe is undergoing a huge shakeup and there are some big changes to be made. Which is fine, but I couldn’t find anything about what was going to happen to Miles. All sorts of wild speculation was being thrown around on forums, that he would be rebooted, shelved, moved to 616 and other weird fan theories. But nothing official, that is till someone pointed me in the direction of this link. Phew! He’s still going to be around, which is all I really care about.

I’m now super looking forward to April, but till then I’m going to enjoy Birthday Month March! Whoooo~!

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