Week 9: Recap



I got so much sleep last week you guys, it was awesome.

Keep room clean

I’ve been feeling like my life is too cluttered and everything feels a little overwhelming. So at the start of last week I detoxed my room, refolded clothes and vowed to keep it like that. I didn’t manage to keep everything looking like a museum, but everything looks clean. Going to sleep in a made bed is a great feeling.

Get seven (or eight!) hours of sleep

Instead of worrying about when I went to sleep and when I woke up, I’ve started focusing on how many hours I sleep for. So I know if I fall asleep at 3am, I need to wake up at 10am. I get the required hours I need, and I don’t feel guilty about being up late which means I just get work done.

Complete daily language lessons


I’d been trying to follow my old class schedule. Funny thing, it’s hard to do so when I no longer have a classroom of people to study with. So I’ve decided to go with topics! Each week will have a different topic, depending on how much I feel I mastered the content from the previous week.

Write a blog post

It’s hard to commit to writing each day, because I have this little voice inside me that tells me I’m no good and that no-one wants to hear anything I have to say. I have a lot of things I want to talk about, yet I put all sorts of roadblocks in my way. I’m a big silly. I like this tracker, because even if I don’t post something I motivate myself to write something  and put it in drafts.

I have a butt load of assignments to do this week, so I think I’m going to switch out keep room clean for working on an assignment a day. So far, this tracking business is going great n__n~

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