The Tomorrow People. I keep watching, but I’m not sure why.

Okay, I am sure why, it’s because there’s this over arching theme that I need to freaking know about. Where the balls is Stephen’s Dad? Who are Ultra really? Is that serum really stripping them of their powers? And why the hell is Stephen so strong?!

Oh right, spoilers ahead.


The Tomorrow People (even they admit the name is pretty dorky) are a new species ‘Homo Superior’ that posses the three skills listed above, except one of them can stop time.

But whatever, that’s rarely explored because I guess the special effects cost too much? It is a TV show after all. Anyway! Because of the power the Tomorrow People posses they are considered a great risk to humanity and they are hunted by a secret government organisation called Ultra. Besides the obvious genocide, the really creepy thing about Ultra is that the Tomorrow People (man I already hate tying that out, but abbreviating it to TP looks like toilet paper, sooo) don’t have powers from birth. In fact they mostly learn they have powers (breakout) when they are in their teens.  When they do they are frightened, lost and vulnerable so obviously that’s when Ultra strikes which means that someone, somewhere gave the order to start mowing down teenagers. That’s a thing.

Ultra’s main tactic seems to be recruit Tomorrow People, sever them from their normal human lives, train them to be Ultra agents and dispose of them at will because you see, they’re not really human. What. That’s my first, ‘wait a tic-tac buddy’ moment. They are a new species, the next stage in human evolution but they apparently hate humans even though there really isn’t any reason to. The idea is that they’re supposedly more evolved, but they meet Tomorrow People who are vicious and evil killers, others who are stupid and naive, yet they seem to blindly believe that humans are the enemy and must be avoided at all costs. I’m only on Episode Eight right now, but every episode so far has involved one member of the Tomorrow People saying, “This is a bad idea”, “You know, you were right” or “Maybe Stephen is right” at least twice and it was really annoying the first time.

So yeah, what’s the show about? Right now it’s all about Stephen. He’s the son of the Great Leader of the Tomorrow People and becomes the Chosen One and decides to work for Ultra to become a double agent and find out about his father. No-one knows where his father is. Unfortunately the head of the Ultra Division in his city is his uncle Jedikiah (twist). Ultra says his father is dead, but the Tomorrow People believe he is alive. We find out he’s in some watery limbo place (water is a natural blocker of telekinesis which is why no-one is able to reach him). Stephen is supposed to lead them to the promise land, Refuge in the place of his father. But he’s having trouble balancing his human life, his Ultra Agent life and his Tomorrow People life. Did I mention that Tomorrow People can’t kill? Right, that’s a thing. Except some of them have been genetically altered to kill. Yeah.

It isn’t a bad show, it’s just kinda oddly written. It has moments of brilliance (like the flashbacks so we learn more about the character’s history, that’s great) but then falls back on really sloppy writing. The cliches  don’t annoy me as much, because this is TV land, the female best friend would fall in love with the main character and there will be a messy love triangle. Sometimes the writing lags and the characters speak in copy paste lines, or it feels like I’ve watched the same scene happen in a previous episode. The Tomorrow People has amazing visuals for TV an okay cast and an interesting over arching plot. Even though it is pretty cheesy, the characters seem a little self aware of the insanity of it all, but sometimes the things they do or refuse to do really take me out of it.

I’m still going to watch it, because even though Stephen is probably right (he isn’t, he’s kinda of a dummy with a heart of gold), I still really want to see if he finds his dad, or if his uncle is actually a good guy (really doubt it) or if Astrid bangs John. It’s a good show, and I hope given more time it gets better.

Also, John is a fox.

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