Song of the Moment: Kidnap Kid – So Close

Now we’re so close
That nothing could tear us away
We’ll never fall
As long as we’re in the same place

It’s 1:47am Tuesday 21st of January 2014 and this is my new song of the moment. I have been sitting at my computer for the past six hours trying to finish this assignment and nothing has been able to distract my mind so I can work like this song. Thank you Cougar Town, without you I wouldn’t have been able to find this lullaby.

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. whatthemom says:

    This is a fun song.


    1. Khareesi says:

      I really think so too! It’s so sweet and relaxing.
      It’s my new favourite study song!


  2. LOVE this tuneโ€ฆ we featured Kidnap Kid and this track on our ones to watch on our blog. If you like this check out the other tunes we’ve selected;


    1. Khareesi says:

      I agree, he is really dreamy!


      1. It always helps to know there’s a face like that behind such lovely sounds.


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