Song of the Moment: T.O.P – Doom Dada

 “Long time no see..

Don’t worry if you don’t understand Korean, he isn’t really saying anything revolutionary,  just that he’s a badass. He’s not lying, he is. T.O.P is one of the few rap artists that I listen to in English, Korean or any other language. Out of the Korean artists I’ve heard rap, he’s the only one that makes it his own, does it in his own style without feeling the need to appropriate ‘black culture’ to make his stuff seem more authentic. Which somehow makes him even sexier and his music more appealing to me. I’d dance to this at a party. In fact, I could totally see people dancing along to this in a party here, it just sounds that good.

My brother likes this, which to me is a big deal because my brother never really likes any of the Korean music I play, he thinks its cheesy and strange. That he nodded with the beat and started humming along is reason enough to make this my song of the moment.

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    1. Khareesi says:

      That’s a really nice relaxing song! I think I might add this to my “Studying” playlist 🙂


      1. whatthemom says:

        Awesome. Check out his other stuff on when you get a chance! Album comes out next month.


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