Song of the Day: Haim – Forever

I initially dismissed this band as a boring high-exposure manufactured band so it is a little ironic that the reason I gave them a chance was because of the Made in Chelsea Soundtrack. Turns out I was wrong! They aren’t some record label’s assembled puzzle, they’re a three piece sister act who seem to have lived and breathed music their whole life. I first heard ‘Falling’ and while I think it’s a great track once I started listening to their album ‘Days are gone’ it was ‘Forever’ that made me reach for the repeat button. It reminds me of summer and it’s the kind of summer track that almost seems perfect for winter time. It doesn’t talk about going out and having a good time, yet still makes you think of sunshine and new beginnings, I guess it makes for a perfect choice for the new year’s first Song of the Day.

The band themselves look like a cross between Hanson and Lady Gaga. Plus, they seem to be having the most fun possible, which I think is the most important thing.

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