I’ve fallen in love with Green Tea.

I’ve lived in a tea drinking country for most of my life yet I’ve never really gotten into the tea habit. Whenever I was feeling sick and needed a hot drink I’d either sip hot water, or drink hot Ribena. The only time I’d drink tea was if it was iced or if I was offered tea by someone I wanted to impress.

However, because the weather has been so very cold this Autumn/Winter season and my commute involves me waiting around in the cold, I bought myself a flask and have thrown myself into the tea drinking habit. Granted I’m a tea heathen because I use teabags, I don’t have a teapot (Dear Santa..) and I add sugar, but I’m really enjoying this fruit tea way of life. Here are all the teas I’ve been drinking.

DSC_0014-fixMango & Lychee

This was the first I bought and best flavour I’ve had so far. Mango is my most favourite fruit, but most of the time I hate it in drink form because it tastes so fake. However, this is lovely and aromatic. It doesn’t need a lot of sugar because it is already quite sweet.

DSC_0015-fixPeach & Cherry Blossom

I’m still on the fence about this one. I normally really like Peach tea, iced or hot but I haven’t really enjoyed this one as I have others. I’ll try my next cup with brown sugar because that’s usually how I drink peach tea. I couldn’t really taste the Cherry Blossom,  but I haven’t eaten it before so maybe it’s there and I don’t know! I can’t even really smell it either. I think this is one of those cases where they added an extra ingredient that doesn’t really do much for the flavour.

DSC_0016--fixApple and Pear

I was looking forward to this one the most, but after two cups I think the pear flavour is just far too strong for me. It also seems to require a lot of sugar for me to drink it, which I don’t really enjoy. There’s this weird sugar balance where a teeny grain extra makes it far too sickly. Bleugh. My dad likes pear, so hopefully he’ll enjoy this more than I do.


I haven’t tried this one, but I am looking forward to this as I love all things Cranberry! But I’ll update this section once I have.

So what about you? Do you have a favourite type of tea or are there any other flavours you think I should try?

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