BBQ should be an everyday food.

cleaverI really have only ever been to one BBQ place in the UK, much like Mexican food I don’t think we really do it here like we do other foods. Which is why I was so glad Cleaver’s opened up near me. I love BBQs, but unfortunately for me I live in a place where that kind of food is limited to summer, and we have a very short and temperamental summer. I’ve made homemade ribs before and while it was tasty, my oven isn’t the most reliable so I couldn’t follow the recipe. Plus, it turns out there’s more to a great BBQ glaze than tipping out a bottle of sauce. 20131219_184046So going to Cleaver was a great experience for me. The ribs were really good, but everything else was a bit, meh. I can’t blame them because I guess ribs are what they’re focusing on, and if I want great burgers I’ll go to GBK or Byron. If you have one near you and love ribs I strongly recommend you go.

tasty tasty ^_^~

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