My new job at L’occitane.

My retail experience is extensive, very extensive (sob). I have worked in all kinds of places, food, service, and I have stories that would make you raise your eyebrow. I try not to talk badly of anywhere I’ve worked, even if it was horrible, because every experience is a lesson in some way. Working in retail I have learnt a lot about myself, what I will tolerate, my thresholds, how to deal with people, how to work in a team and ultimately how much my time was worth. I wasn’t employed during my undergraduate degree, but with my masters I thought the extra income would be handy so I looked around for a place that would be flexible around my school schedule. I found L’Occitane.


From the minute I handed my CV to the manager, I knew working there would be different. She asked me probing questions to get to know me and to basically see if we would be a good fit. After a lovely interview and a conversation with Head Office I started working there and I have to be honest it is simply wonderful.

This is where I spend eight hours a week.


So far everyone has been wonderful. Management are very supportive, right from the very top. I am compensated very well for my time, and most importantly I don’t feel like a cog in a wheel. I feel like a valued member of a workforce. Feels great!

All the products are so wonderful, and a month in In have a few favourites already. We get allocated products each month to test on ourselves before they are launched in store, and my start date meant that I have two sets of products to try. And I’ve bought some already, I couldn’t help myself, so plenty of   reviews to come soon!

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