You don’t need a boy to take you out on dates.

A few weeks ago my wonderful boyfriend decided to go to Cycle camp. Yeah, all the did was cycle all day, bleigh. So to honor his exercise fueled vacation away I took myself out on a few dates. Unsurprisingly they all involved food.  I don’t know how we eat together as we don’t really like the same foods, but with him gone I went to all the places that he never really wants to go with me.

Opium Den.

I’ve only been to this restaurant twice, but both times it’s been pretty awesome. I had 二烧饭 (two roast meats & rice) with mini vegetable spring rolls and it was incredibly delicious. The next time I eat there, I will try their dim sum. I actually wanted to try their 叉烧包 (roast pork bun) but I went for the safer spring roll option. Price wise, it wasn’t very expensive, and I felt fuller for longer.

Yo! Sushi

I am always a little bit hesitant to go back to Yo! Sushi as I used to work there. But! A few years have passed and all my old colleagues have moved on so I don’t have to make awkward small talk with my meal. Does that make me a bad person to think that? Ehh, moving on! I only planned to have the duck hand roll because I love those, but Blue Monday’s swayed me. Every plate was £2.50. I ate so much, I was so full and it was the most affordable Yo! Sushi meal I had ever eaten.

While it was nice to go somewhere I like to go, sit quietly with a good book and be lost in my own world, I did miss boyfriend.

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  1. LFFL says:

    I take myself on dates all the time!


    1. Khareesi says:

      It really is a lot of fun!


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