I’ve been stuck in Draft Hell.

As you can tell, I haven’t posted anything substantial on my blog forever. This is entirely my fault, because I got stuck in this rut. I used to write things for me, but when I moved over to WordPress I guess I kind of shifted focus and started writing for an audience. Those likes and follows have been addictive. I started worrying about if what I was writing was interesting, would people like it? And as such I would start writing about my day and half way through I’d be worried that no-one would like it and I would just save it in drafts.

I currently have eleven half fleshed out posts and thirty ‘ideas’ in my notepad. I’m going to fish those out and just post them. This blog was supposed to be a fun way to keep track of my life, like an online diary, like Facebook but in a way that I control. So I’m sorry if I post a lot of really cute pictures of my boyfriend and I cooking, or a rock that looks like a dog, or just me lounging in bed or what I bought that day. I just want to really get back to this being a place where I come to just be me, and I hope that you stick around for that, but I totally understand if you don’t.

Deborah ❤

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