Annnnd so it begins!




I did it you guys, I applied. I felt really sick the whole time I was filling out the boxes, to be honest I’m 90% sure that I filled it all out incorrectly and they won’t know how to contact me, oh my god what is my name?!


Okay, be cool Deborah, they’re probably going to come to this blog, then they’ll see you freak out like a derp and you’ll be sorry if you get hired and they’ll giggle at how silly you were.

I’m mostly relieved because I’ve started. I spent months working on all the variations of my resume and today is the day that I sent it out. This is the first step to me being a more productive member of society, finding my place and stuff. Even though it’s pretty crappy and rainy outside I feel pretty good about today. It might as well be sunshiny and awesome outside because that’s how I feel inside.


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