Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012). It hurts.



There will be spoilers, so if you don’t want to encounter spoilers, then you probably shouldn’t read any of this.


I can’t remember what I was watching or where I saw it, probably flicking through channels one day, but however it happened I came across a video clip for this movie. Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg are my two favourite actors ever. I always hate when people say this, but they always seem to bring a really good energy to every project they work on, and even if the overall piece might end up being dog doo doo, they at least own their roles. What I’m trying to say is that I’ve never seen them do anything bad, seriously. It might just be rose tinted glasses or whatever, but I love everything they’ve done.. that I’ve seen.

They usually play these goofy, lovable characters and in true Hollywood fashion I expected there to be a happy ending. I guess it was? It’s a complicated movie. Two people who’ve known each other forever fall in love, get married and then realised that their love wasn’t enough. The movie follows their breakup and how they move on. It broke my heart that they were so perfect for each other, and that the movie spent so much time getting us to root for this couple and then, they don’t work out. It was so realistic, too realistic, it hurt. I wanted the unrealistic fantasy, I wanted them to be able to work out their problems, I kept wishing that Veronica would turn out to be a scam artist, or that she wasn’t really pregnant or that she would drop dead. That’s bad, I’m sorry, but they are such a cute couple. SO CUTE.

It made me think of a past relationship and how it just didn’t work even though it should have. All the pieces that should be there are there but it just didn’t work. I think everyone has had that type of relationship, and it’s pretty sucky when it does happen and there might not be any one real reason. You might just take each other for granted, or you might just fall out of love.

This movie made me happy, wistful and a little bit empty when it ended. I strongly recommend that you watch it, it’s like you’re watching a section of someone’s life. It’s a good watch.

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