Ain’t no party like an internet party!

When I left to go visit Ghana, I left knowing that the internet wouldn’t be super stable when I was out there. I knew I was heavily reliant on the internet but I didn’t realise just how reliant I was till I was browsing one day, the connection dropped and all the media I was consuming just disappeared.

God damn you Google, making all your services awesome, easily accessible, and mostly available online! I’d gotten so used to always being connected, having everything synced and easily accessible. It got me thinking about physical, digital data and how I said I wouldn’t get so caught up in cloud computing. The truth is, that even though I had consciously made an effort not to use sites like Dropbox for storing my data, Google and Valve had suckered me in and the reality is that I *had* become a Cloud user.

Feels strange to own items (that’s another debate for another time) that I can’t physically touch. If I can help it I won’t stop buying physical, but I won’t lie to myself that I’m not in some way dependant on the cloud.

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