Blogmas 2019 – Entry 5

Dear reader, it’s been a few days since my last post due to a mixture of being sick and also just not having much to say. I liked the challenge of writing a blog post every month, so I am. But not all the blog posts are ready for publish because I require good photographs but I’m at my parents and I left my DLSR a 2 hour train ride away. So.

… here are five things you may or may not know about me!

1. I’m lactose intolerant because I threw a tantrum.

When I was about thirteen, I would drown my cereal in milk, eat the cereal and then throw away the excess milk. To my mother apparently this was, ‘unacceptable’, ‘wasteful’ and I should just ‘drink it’. So I went on strike. If I couldn’t eat cereal the way I wanted then by god I wouldn’t eat cereal. I thought I was sending a message but I was boo boo the fool because my body upon realising there was no need to make as much lactase (the enzyme that breaks down the lactose in dairy) as before ramped down production big time. The next time I had cereal ohh, maybe three years later my body straight up ejected it from my body. I continued to avoid milk and didn’t realise what was wrong till about five years ago. Right around the time someone introduced me to good cheese. Gah!

2. I am addicted to sets.

If I know something I like exists in another colour or is part of a collection, it really gnaws away at me if I don’t also have it. My dad gifted me a set of watercolour Staedtler pencils maybe 15 years ago and to this day every single colour pencil or felt tip I have purchased for myself is Staedtler Noris Club or Staedtler triplus fineliner. I now own, five Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palletes because who even am I? Someone once recommended the Modern Renaissance pallete to me, I liked it and here we are, wilding out like I’m a makeup artist. I’m not out here doing enough with makeup to own FIVE of those palettes, but having them lined up together is weirdly comforting?

If I’m really honest with myself there isn’t any aspect of my life that I haven’t tried to complete a collection. From crockery to furniture, headphones, shoes (omg I own six pairs of Hamble Oak Brogues from Clarks), everything in my life belongs to a collection or a set. Although it can be a little boring having so much of the same thing, it’s soothing knowing things are grouped like that. Which as I’m typing it now sounds super weird, but oh well, it makes me happy!

3. I don’t believe in feet.

This is dramatic I know, but really I just hate feet. I hate looking at feet, I hate thinking about feet, I hate summer when people have their feet out. This aversion really stems from me not liking my feet, not wanting anyone to look at or touch my feet and kinda just projecting it on the world. It won’t make me throw up and I won’t cry (so haha no spamming of feet pictures you prankster you), but acknowledging other people’s feet makes me acknowledge my feet which I find super squick.

4. When I get married, I’m not sure I want to legally change my name.

I’ve had my name for so long now, it’s my identifier, it’s literally my identity. I don’t mind being a Mrs. WhateverHisLastNameIs or being referred to as such, I look forward to that day! I don’t have a moral podium on which I am standing on this issue, but I’ve been Deborah MyLastName for so long and I really like being her and I don’t see why I should have to stop being her to be part of someone’s life.

5. I’m 31 and I still don’t struggle with the difference between 12am and 12pm.

Stop the madness, can’t we just say midnight and midday and be done with it? It’s too complicated and I can’t.

Hopefully you learned something new about me, or are now manically cackling at how weird I am! Let me know in the comments something I may or may not know about you!

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  1. Nice getting to know you Deborah! ^_^


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