Playlist of the Moment | Kpop Boygroups

Alternative title: The Kpop Boy Groups that won’t let me live.

I was going to write a serious post. One full of philosophical quotes and deep thoughtful insights, this was going to be that post. Honest. But then you see, I got distracted, blinded if you will by the cute smiles, catchy lyrics and synchronised steps. It’s hard not to be mesmerised when watching kpop choreography, especially boy groups as they tend to go just that bit harder than girl groups. Yes I know there are exceptions, please don’t @ me with your faves, that’s not what this post is about.

This post is to celebrate the kpop boy groups that I like, that aren’t EXO. To qualify for this playlist I need to be willing to listen to at least two of their songs, which sounds easy enough a criteria but you’d be surprised!

BTS (방탄소년단)

Song that made me a believer

They have always been on my radar, I even included one of their songs in an earlier playlist, but it wasn’t until I saw this song that I was like, oh.. oh okay. Then I started watching their variety appearances, their dance practice videos.. and suddenly it’s 4am and I’m watching fan-meme videos. Like, what is even my life? That they’ve blown up in the US warms my heart like I’m part of their fandom, and I wouldn’t even identify myself as such. I just think their music is really awesome and their choreography is amazing.

Current favourite Song

Stable vocals much? They seem to alway sing live/with minimal backing tracks, which is wiiillld to me, but I love it. 

Seventeen (세븐틴)

Song that made me a believer

Thanks to Produce 101, I listened to one of their songs and liked it, but it wasn’t until I watched the Performance Team (a sub-unit) dance to Lilili Yabbay that I was like.. uhh okay Seventeen. The fluidity of their moves, the intensity and how they just own the choreography is really beautiful to watch. I’ve yet to see a dance cover do it justice. So then I went to Google Play Music to stream whatever albums were on there and I honestly found myself listening to whole albums all the way through. It’s rare that I can find an artist much less a kpop artist that I can listen to their whole album without skipping something.

Current favourite Songs

It’s kind of funny, my favourite songs are from the sub-units. 

Change Up (Leader sub-unit)

Trauma (Hip-Hop sub-unit)

They are also another really awesome variety group, but what I love best about them is the choreography has all these really interesting and funny interactions. Every step, every formation change always seems to come with some cute or intricate interactive step that makes it feel like a hidden picture game with each watch. This is a great example of that.

VIXX (빅스)

Song that made me a believer

Know when a song is stuck in your head, you don’t know any of the words except for one part and you go absolutely go ham at that part? Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel about this song. I almost didn’t put VIXX in this list but I spent the morning singing, 

(mubly sounds) Freeze! Armor Down!
Nananana Nanana Nanana!
(more mumbles) 괜찮아!
(mumble??) Chained up Chained up!

like a totally normal person. Which I’m sure hasn’t scared my neighbours and the people who passed me on the street at all. I haven’t watched any of their variety, what I like best about them is just how high concept they seem to be. Every song seems to be a complete story and very theatrical, which I really enjoy! They have really good voices, but they aren’t amazing dancers, when compared to groups like Seventeen or BTS, but their storytelling? Damn, can’t be beat.

Current favourite Song


ASTRO (빅스)

Performance that made me a believer

Which when you figure out what the dance portion song was, makes this subtitle mucho hilarious.

There I was on the YouTubes, minding my own business when I stumbled into this wonderful video. I don’t know why I found it so entirely charming that  I went back into my playlists and found the one Astro song I remember liking, then another.. and then would you know it I’m watching other videos of these adorables being adorable. I still think Astro are a baby group who are at least 80% candyfloss, but who doesn’t need something sugary sweet in their lives?

Current favourite Song

So that’s it for my first Media Monday of 2018, something totally insightful and deep. Start as you mean to go I guess? Happy 2018!

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