First Impressions | Sunday Riley Good Genes & Luna


The following is just a first impressions post of these two products, read more about my testing process here.

The Power Couple kit was high on my list of things to purchase in Sephora during my #NYC2K17 vacation. Sure, $85 is steep for a deluxe kit, but at least I could try it, debunk the hype, and get the Sunday Riley curiosity out of my system.

That was the plan.

I have used both of these products for a week.

My immediate first impression is that these products are amazingly formulated. The products sink in well, play nicely with other products in my routine so much so that it’s honestly a joy to do my night time routine. The price tag is not just for performance, but cosmetic elegance.

Good Genes is a no joke lactic acid treatment. My face is a lot brighter, skin softer, texture is improving and best of all the acne that was clogging my cheek has cleared up. However, I have two whiteheads, which is my skin’s way of telling me that Good Genes is way too strong for me to be using every night. This is good for my wallet.

Luna is nice, it’s a dry oil, so doesn’t make my oily skin feel gross and sits nicely under my night time moisturiser. I don’t use more than a few drops and I feel like that is plenty for face and neck. There are nights were I’ve used it alone without a night time moisturiser and it’s worked really well. It’s too soon to see any of the benefits from the retinol ester, but it gets points for skin feel.

Also, because I know people will ask, no I do not hate the smell of either products. I actually really like the medicinal scent? idk, I’m weird like that.

It’s been a long time since a product has been both effective and made me excited to use. I’m going to keep testing and I’m not sure how long the samples will last for because as pretty as the packaging is, it does little to tell you how much is left. I’m hoping these continue to be as effective as they are because so far I’m very very impressed and I would purchase these at full price. That’s my main metric for a product being worth a big price tag it. Would I buy full price?

I’ll keep testing and will be sure to update you all in May!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. MiMi says:

    *shakes fist at the sky*
    Sunday Riley!!!!
    *adds to sephora cart*

    Liked by 2 people

    1. adoredee says:

      I feel this, on a deeply emotional level.


  2. Welcome to the club. 😦 / 😀

    Darn those prices, but I do think Sunday Riley formulates thoughtful, effective products that go a long way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. adoredee says:

      The prices are steep, there’s no getting around that. But you’re right, the formulation is just 👌👌 which softens the blow for sure!


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