I accept products for review, and this page explains how that relationship works for all parties involved. Everything discussed below extends to all my social media accounts.

Testing Schedule

My testing period is 7 days for a cleanser and 28 days for everything else. Sometimes I’ll extend my testing period, or shorten it if I really don’t enjoy using a product. I will strive to let you know how long I’ve been using a product for in my reviews. 

I test all products for in isolation for a minimum of one week. This means I do not test anything else around the same time. 

Press Samples

I only accept press samples from brands that I feel are interesting, products that I would be excited to use and through retailers I trust. Any product I accept for review are treated the same way as any product I purchase myself. 

If you are interested in working with me, please contact me via: adoredeeblog@gmail.com

My current partners:



Paid Reviews

I do not accept money or any other compensation in return for writing a review, positive or otherwise. All reviews are my 100% honest opinion.

Affiliate links

I do not fully understand affiliate links, and as such I do not use them.

Referral Links

I currently am not enrolled in any referral link program, but if I do, all links/codes will be clearly marked and explained each time they appear on my blog or social media.