Comedy Special: Ali Wong Baby Cobra

Today’s Media Monday is a break away from music, instead, a comedy special. 


I didn’t expect to laugh so hard.

I didn’t expect to laugh so hard and to find everything she said equally funny and relatable. I didn’t expect that I would almost miss my stop because I was laughing so hard, or that I would walk home in the dark, my eyes glued to a tiny screen.

Why is it so funny? Because it’s so raw. It doesn’t feel crass for the sake of being crass like other female comedians, and what she says (while shocking), doesn’t feel like it’s said to be shocking. It’s just one aspect of the female experience, the part that is gross, icky, impolite and kind of weird. 

Her set has been called revolutionary, mould breaking and controversial, but honestly it’s just raw realness. The whole thing is available on Netflix US &  UK for sure, I’m not 100% on the other territories. If you like funny, I recommend this.


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