Doctor Strange Vol. 1: The Way of the Weird

Series: Doctor Strange (2015)
Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Chris Bachalo
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Prior to this year I didn’t know anything about Doctor Strange. I didn’t know anything about his lore, I didn’t know anything about his backstory, his associates, his powers, nothing. I am the kind of person Marvel was hoping to bring into the fold through the new franchise, and bring me back into the fold they did.

In anticipation of the new movie, I received a hardback copy of volume one of the latest run and it is amazing. I’m not sure how much of the movie influenced this, but it really works well as an intro to the character.


If you’re interested in knowing a little bit more about Doctor Strange, but are utterly overwhelmed (because lets face it comics runs can be confusing) I found this an awesome place to start. 

The art is beautiful.


Seriously beautiful. I’m not one for horror and spooky things, so I was not holding out much hope that I would enjoy this, but the art really took my breath away. Such detail, such clear lines and such interesting layouts!

It’s funny.


It’s not haha pop culture funny like Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s more dry needs no laugh track humour like Antman. If you found Antman funny, you’ll like this.

Light on the origin story.


I am appreciative of how comic movies like to ease us into their world by giving us the baby’s first guide into the world of the characters, but honestly I find it tedious. Just get to the action, give me the sparks notes, I will catch up. So I’m appreciative of this comic for just getting right into the baddies, giving just enough context for me not to be totally lost, and letting me be immersed in the world this exists in.

There is a lot of content.

Sometimes in comic books, you read a whole issue and you wonder what actually happened. Did anything happen? Did you just waste £4 on an issue where all that happens is the hero checks out a library book? Really? What I love is that in volume one we learn a lot of things about Stephen’s character.


He’s a womaniser, he’s arrogant, he’s oblivious to the sacrifices others make for him, he is selfless, he is paying the cost, dearly.

If you’re curious about Doctor Strange, this is a great volume to get, and the best price I’ve seen it is on Amazon Prime! But  don’t forget to check your local comic book store! 

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