Playlist of the Moment: Motivation 9000

Job searching is a job in itself.

After almost a thousand revisions, my resume is looking pretty snazzy if I do say so myself. In the months after I left my old jobI’ve been scouring the job boards, sending off applications and meeting with recruiters to find meaningful employment. Not just any old job (I can’t go back to retail) but somewhere I am excited to be, I can grow, develop and make a real difference, because what’s the point of going to work if you hate yourself when you get home?

I tend to listen to this and other similar stations. I need something soothing while I work.
I tend to listen to this and other similar stations. I need something soothing while I work.

With all that in mind, my days are filled with applications and cover letters! To keep me company I’ve been listening to relaxing classical music because the last thing I want to accidentally slip into a cover letter is a lyric from whatever funky jam (yea, I said funky jam, deal with) I’m currently listening to. Though, after application number five of the morning, I’m flagging a little bit and I need to put on some music that pumps me up, that motivates me, that reminds me that I am pretty amazing and I can do this. I’m still listening to the songs in my almost summer playlist and I’m still in love with I.O.I but there are a few songs that  just make the day a little better.

BTS(방탄소년단)  –  Dope (쩔어)

There are English subtitles, turn them on and be ready for motivation. 

This song. This. Song. How can you not be hyped when you read the lyrics? It talks about putting the work when it isn’t easy to, sacrificing for goals because of a burning passion to succeed. “Everyday is hustle life.” It talks about those who try to pull you down, dismissing your work, dismissing you because of any number of things, but who the hell are they to rain on your parade? “I reject rejection”. 


Whenever I forget I’m dope, I put this on, dance around my room then get back to writing dope ass application forms.

Meghan Trainor (feat. Yo Gotti) – Better 


With this song, I like to remind myself that I deserve better. After hitting send on application number twelve of the day and receiving rejection number eight of the week it is tempting to think positively of that six month, four hour commute internship that pays nothing as a ‘good opportunity’. Working for free is not the way, and I deserve (as all people do) to work for a fair compensation. I deserve better.

Hillsong Young & Free – Energy 

Job searching can be really emotionally demoralising. Every company I apply to I spend at least an hour familiarising myself with their mission in order to make my application as relevant as possible. My faith is important to me, and when I really feel low, I remind myself in whom I trust and that weight is lifted. He is my energy and when I can’t carry on, I put my trust in him to carry on for me. 

Kanye West – Stronger


There has to be some Kanye in any good motivational playlist because who else loves themselves more? Who has more confidence than Kanye? I need to love myself like Kanye loves Kanye!

Those are my motivational songs, what are yours? I’m always looking to expand my playlists!

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  1. Kanye has enough confidence left over for you, me and my mamma. *Jams to dope*

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