Song of the Moment: I.O.I – Crush

Oh my gosh, 축하해!


I started at episode four and instantly became super invested in the program, the group and the lives of the girls. This never happens, no really. While I love me some reality TV, I rarely get so invested that I make a habit of checking up on what they’re doing outside of the show, yet here I am acting like a superfangirl. 

I’ve already talked about why I like the show so much so I won’t go much into that here, and while I’m sad some of my faves didn’t make the cut, I’m pleased with the lineup. Plus, griping about who got in and who didn’t helps absolutely no-one, it can’t be changed now!


The group’s name is I.O.I (아이오아이) and their first full release will be on the 4th of May, but we’re not here to talk about that, we’re here to talk about Song of the Moment, their first pre-release, Crush.

source: /u/ rokkenwolf
source: /u/ rokkenwolf

The first time they performed it as 22 it was a messbut I still loved it. It’s catchy, it’s fun and energetic. It isn’t too vocally challenging so it gives every girl in the group a chance to sing it well, brilliant not everyone has amazing vocal talent. Which means I can sing it and I also already know most of the choreography. See, I told you, superfangirling.

English Translation

The 11 vocal version is so much better, a lot cleaner and the lines are distributed more evenly. They’ve recorded other original songs on a tight schedule before, but I was actually a little surprised to see the studio version of this so soon after the group was created. Four days maybe? That’s a lot of change and transition to deal with in such a short time and yet they keep going and keep working to achieve their dream.


I guess that’s what I like best about this song, it’s a monument to perseverance, hard work so that you can be proud of whatever it is that you’re doing. Plus you know, it’s super catchy and I love me some super catchy music!

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