Week 4 Tracker – 2016


This week just absolutely flew by and I was incredibly overwhelmed with it all. I spent the first two days at work in back to back training sessions and the rest of the week in and out of meetings frantically trying to solve problems that as it turns out didn’t really need much solving. So, on Saturday I locked myself away from the world and I slept all day, only waking up to eat cookies and watch Netflix. I needed it, oh how I needed it. 

No picture of the tracker this week, because although I did okay, I didn’t fill it out because of the rushing rushing around I did.  To make it even simpler next week, I’m using a different tracker, one with no space for writing so it’s either I’ve accomplished the goal, or I have not.

For next week, in order to carve some time out for myself, I’m going to the library for an hour after work before coming home to decompress, then come home and not do anything other than spend time with family before bed. I’m feeling a bit sad about locking myself in my room frantically doing instead of derping with my mother watching movies or talking. 

So that was Week 4. Onwards to Week 5!

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  1. Going to the library is a good idea! So you can truly relax when you get home 😊 Even if you go for just one hour you will feel so much better for it!

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  2. Tough week :/ Glad you’re taking time for YOU. –Angela


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