Song of the Moment: Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb

praise be to the red velvet gods!


unf. This song. I’ll be totally honest with you, it’s not something that I loved first listen, but that’s because I found the video just okay. Yeah there’s a lot of interesting visuals, but credit goes to the fx (lol, get it) team for being super badass.


They do a lot of really cool cloning effects which I guess eliminate the need for backup dancers as a side bonus! It always makes me think of Korean variety shows where they replay the same scene from different angles to give you another view of it. 

I also personally don’t really think their vocals are particularly that special, like I can tell them apart but for a large chunk of the song they seem to be doing a kind of sing talk which is so-so for me. 

I can’t honestly tell what is happening in the music video storywise, it feels more like they’re just in situations that suit the lyrics rather than a coherent plot. That isn’t bad, I kind of like it! It’s like a diorama. 

But this song is the song of the moment because it is an ear worm. Wriggles in there and refuses to get out. It has so many layers in the melody and backing track that you’ll be hard pressed not to find an element that gets stuck in your head. Be it the dumb dumb dumb harmonies, the drums, the clapping or the almost-trap beat underlying it all, something will stick in your head and get your shoulders jumping.


I have no idea what the choreography is going to feel like all the way through the song. You have parts like above that are very kpop structured.


But then there are parts which feel very outfit specific like this. I mean, obviously it will work with other outfits, but it really fits the doll aesthetic more than the other outfits they wore in the video. So who knows?! I’m excited for their live stages because I’m so curious!

Even though this group doesn’t make much sense to me and EXO has suffered much as sacrifice to the Red Velvet gods I find them SO MUCH FUN.  They have this weird USA weird-cute aesthetic that’s working for them and I’ve really enjoyed all their releases to date.

I just ask that they spare Lay, he’s the only member left in EXO M (are they even a thing still?) that I care about. 

pls ❤

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  1. Chantaal says:

    This song is SO MUCH FUN. I’m still a Kpop newbie so this is my first real exposure to Red Velvet and I love it.

    I doubt EXO-M are going to be an official thing anymore, they haven’t really been separate since Growl/Overdose. Poor sweet unicorn Lay.


    1. adoredee says:

      Their debut was such a fun song, but all I hear is, “HOT PENIS!” so that always makes me crack up hard, lolol.

      I just hope Lay holds on long enough to get his own solo. It could happen! Red Velvet gods, plz.


  2. asphodeldw says:

    HOT PENIS! Are you into 2NE1 though?


    1. adoredee says:

      HOT PENIS!

      I used to really really love them, but I don’t really like their new stuff as much. Fire and Lollipop were my JAM. I was obsessed with debut 2NE1. And YAAAAAAAAAAS, this song is catchy af.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. asphodeldw says:

        DOWNLOADING! I’m a hardcore 2NE1 lover. I got into everything K just this March! Once I got into kpop, I started getting into kbeauty and now I’m blogging about it! Yay all things K!


  3. asphodeldw says:



  4. Trice says:

    This songs is for sure catchy. That Dumb Dumb Dumb shows up in your head at the most random times.


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