Make It Happen May 2015!

May is here and it is time to make things happen!

April was a wonderful month, in the last week I was overwhelmed by wave after wave of awesome news and opportunities that presented themselves. One of those things was an amazing writeup on that listed me as one of 14 Best Blogs and Websites for Learning about Korean Beauty Products! Ermagad!


I’ve gained so many new followers on this site through the WordPress feed, email and through Bloglovin. I’ve also had a few of you find me on my social media (instagram & twitter)! So to you wonderful new people, I say hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy my blog!

So what on earth is Make It Happen May? Well, it’s just an encouraging way for me to take charge of this month, not let it slip by wasted and give myself some sort of structure and plan for what I want to happen in it!

I’ve put it off too long partly but, I’m going to be dedicating a whole week to a series about the products in my skincare routine. That’s right, one post a day (or so) about the different parts of my routine, my skincare philosophy and my favourite retailers. I’ve written a few of these posts and I think you’ll really enjoy them!

So lots of new and fun skincare posts coming up, in addition to TV, Movie reviews and comic book reviews. I’ve really been slacking off on those too. Seriously what have I been doing with my time?!

This is my personal ‘find me a jawb plz‘ site and I think it is due an upgrade. I’ve been playing around with it some, and I have some ideas of how it could flow better. I think layout redesign is in order!

Fitness, languages and other boring-slash-awesome stuff

In May I want to, finish a textbook, loose 5kg, dye my hair red & get a job in an agency.

Psychology of Popular Media

As if I don’t  have enough work to do, I decided to finally launch my Psychology of Popular Media blog. It’s a blog where I plan to each month explain a psychological concept using pop culture. So it could be a media text, or a news article, or a person. I’m not entirely sure yet, we’ll see how that evolves, but I have one blog post lined up and ready to go. So, that’s a thing, wish me luck!

I’m sure there are other things that I’ve missed, but I think this is plenty enough for one month to handle! What about you? What are things that you’re looking forward to completing, achieving or experiencing this month? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to cheer you on!


Let’s go #makeithappenmay!

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