Vodka Tasting with My Boyfriend


Vodka. Ugh.

That was always my typical reaction to vodka. My introduction to the wonderful world of alcohol was through vodka during my first year of university. Being young we had no idea what we were doing and always opted for the crappy cheap paint-thinner-esque bottom shelf vodka. So it is absolutely no wonder that I hate the stuff with the burning fire of a thousand suns.

In my boyfriend’s quest to make me more cultured (I will never give up fast food baby, I’m sorry), he introduced me to a different world of vodka. Better vodka. Vodka that has nuance and flavour. Vodka that doesn’t make you wish you were eating dirt instead. I will be forever grateful.

So a few weeks ago when we were relaxing after dinner we decided to test all the different kinds of vodka he’d amassed over the years. As you can see from the picture there are a lot. Unfortunately, due to our impromptu decision to taste and record these I realised I am the worst camerawoman. I covered the microphone during the first testing session, (sorry guys!), and I didn’t clear out enough space so we couldn’t test all the vodka that is pictured. But! We managed to get through our favourites, and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Are there any other vodka we should try? Did we misrepresent your favourite? Are you laughing at me for getting slightly tipsy? Let me know! Next we’re going to try and make cocktails using vodka, I am looking forward to that!


Also, tldw; Żubrówka Bison Grass Vodka is the best vodka in the world. You won’t change my mind!

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