I blog when I have something to say.

2015! What’s my plan for this blog?

Well, the same as I’ve always done really. I only want to blog when I have something to blog about. That sounds obvious, but it really wasn’t to me for a long while. I thought that I had to talk even when I had nothing to say, which would then lead me to anxiety when I wasn’t posting. Silly Deborah.

I looked at my social media accounts today, I’m active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (Friends and Family Only), and G+ (when I remember) but I don’t post every day. That’s because I don’t always have something to say that’s worth sharing. Social Media is saturated with people talking constantly about nothing at all, their only desire to be the loudest voice. Well, I don’t want to be a hollow voice shouting in the crowd. Looking at my blog stats, the blog posts that have gotten the most attention are the posts that have some important information to share. That makes me happy. It makes me happy that people searching for information find it.

So that’s what’s going to happen.



2015, Be Brave.
February 2015, Be Fearless!

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  1. csaur13 says:

    I like your useful posts! I think that’s why I never get bored of your blog, because you always have something interesting to talk about and the posts are never terribly far apart. In fact, your post about the Laneige BB cushion was so useful I’ve ordered one for myself :3

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    1. adoredee says:

      😀 I’m really happy to hear that! For a while I felt bad for not putting enough ‘effort’ because I wasn’t writing hype posts. But I hate reading hype posts! Gahhh. I’m such a derp.

      You ordered one!? Awesome! I am eagerly awaiting that review. :3


  2. moi sanom says:

    I feel the same way! I usually blog in spurts. Some days i feel chatty or want to write. I then write a bunch of posts since I am inspired. I cant bring myself to make posts when I dont feel like it and it can be days or weeks that pass in between. Same thing with social media, why would I post when I have nothing to say!

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